I entered the Goodwood orphanage when I was just ten days old and for the next three years I was sexually and physically abused by the nuns.  I arrived at my foster family (and later adoptive family) neglected and malnourished from my treatment at the orphanage. The second perpetrator of child sexual abuse was a stranger, I was 6 years old. He said “Come here. I’ve got a cake and a biscuit for you.” I didn’t want to but my friend did. I was very frightened and he sexually abused both of us in that house. In 2010 I discovered he went to prison for 6 years for what he did to us. It was his fifth conviction.

The third perpetrator was the superintendent of the Sunday School, who was also the choir master. He sexually abused me at least once a week  for next seven years. I was just 8 years old. My mum didn’t believe me when I told her, so at 14 I ran away from home. I was two km’s from home when a group of boys knocked me off my bike and tried to drag me in to their car.  A man came to my rescue and I thought he was very kind. This man became the fourth perpetrator when he raped me in and I became pregnant. I was forced to marry him. For 10 years and he raped me every day. He thought he could do what he liked with me and I was frightened of him. I experienced financial, sexual, physical, emotional isolation and deprivation of personal liberty – everything – including the sexual abuse of my children. When I went into labour with the second baby, my husband so severely beat me my water broke and he severed the umbilical cord. Then he started to kick me and bash me. Eventually I got to the hospital and the baby had died inside me from the beating. My eldest son took his own life because of his father’s abuse. Towards the end of the relationship a lot of the violence was evident on my face. I had a fractured jaw, a broken nose, five or six times a black eye, a cheek bone fracture, broken three ribs, fractured five vertebrae in my spine and I acquired epilepsy.

When we divorced, I eventually married the local shopkeeper Lance, who helped me get on my feet. We were married for in excess of 30 years and had two children together.’


Glyn Scott set a precedent that changed the law nationally and internationally by taking her husband to the High Court of Australia for marital rape. He died before answering the six charges laid by the Department of Public Prosecution which included, rape, carnal knowledge and assault. Glyn is the founder of the Love, Hope & Gratitude Foundation, which provides counselling, advocacy and refuge accommodation for adults, children and pets for those who are vulnerable and in most need. https://www.glynscott.com.au/