Belinda Mason, through Blur Projects, has been collaborating with individuals and organisations, over the past 25 years, to create multi-media exhibitions which provide a focal point for conversations that support social change.

Belinda’s work is used to bring survivors and community together as a catalyst for change. It supports survivors of abuse in their healing journey and creates the impetus at an individual, interpersonal, community and societal level to take positive action to support survivors and act to prevent abuse. Her exhibitions tour nationally and internationally.

“I feel very honoured that the participants of these projects have allowed me into their lives to hear their stories and share them through the projects. It is a trust I do not take lightly, and the integrity of each project is reflected by the responses of the participants and audiences”

– Belinda Mason 2013

The exhibitions are never ‘one offs’. They are displayed broadly and widely for many years included various events and forums in conjunction with the United Nations in Geneva and New York. The Unfinished Business and Silent Tears project continue to tour with venues booked many years in advance. Intimate Encounters continues to be shown nationally and internationally, twenty years after the first exhibition. The exhibitions are accompanied by community engagement programs and forums that are driven by each community and have inclusive participant involvement. The projects only exist because the participants choose them as a way to share their story and have faith in the approach and process. Her approach is unique, as it gives a voice to the participants and their experience in an unquestioned way. Often the onus is on victims and survivors to provide evidence of their experience in order to obtain the various forms of support, which can become a barrier to actually obtaining support. Belinda’s approach gives survivors the freedom and control of their narrative from inception through to exhibition. Participants will often accompany and even talk at key openings and events.

Belinda’s artworks are not 2D photographs on paper. Belinda uses photography to create photographic sculptural work that are ‘internal’ portraits. The works are accompanied by self-narrative interviews and documentary photography of the participants. There are text panels of transcribed first-person stories of each of the participants. There is an app for viewers with sensory, cognitive and learning impairments. Some exhibitions also have books and DVDs. Some of the interviews have been broadcast on television and most recently included in the 2018 Sydney Film Festival.

The key components produced for the Forget Us Not project are:
• Photographic installation works (Artist: Belinda Mason)
• soundscape
• online app for people with sensory, cognitive and learning impairments
• artwork hard and soft copy of text panels for each artwork, with quotes from th eparticipants and context from supporting organisations and key figures
• catalogue, including essays by artists, participants and key figures
• media kit, including press release, images, fact sheet, artist bios and project outline
• graphic design templates for invitations and posters
• education kit or forum discussion outline
• website